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  • ico computer
    Why would a seller accept Digital Currency & what’s the Advantage?

    Fiona Pirlo


    Well, the answer really is why wouldn't they? It has become so much easier to cash out through exchanges and TRADEZY is a new breed of e-commerce store that makes payments lightening fast and in true international selling and buying, so it's easier to get your brand known across the globe. It’s all part of making the Aussie Digital ecosystem stable and viable.

    05 Jul 2018
  • Enterprise Lab Startups embrace opportunity to present to Jobs for NSW

    Enterprise Lab Startups embrace opportunity to present to Jobs for NSW
    Published 14 April 2018

    From the world’s first self-cleaning aquaponics system to a sustainable high-performance surfboard, the Southern Cross Enterprise Lab has picked seven of the North Coast’s most innovative business ideas for its inaugural Startup in Residence program.

    The startups have hit the ground running. Yesterday their first task was to pitch their busines

    05 Jul 2018
  • Southern Cross Universities
    Southern Cross University

    In early March The Aussie Digital team were fortunate enough to be accepted into Southern Cross Universities "Enterprise Lab". To make it through we had to go through a stringent application process, pitching our project to a panel of industry experts. Only 6 startups made it through so we are very excited to be one of them.

    The Enterprise Lab gives qualified startups access to an elite community of like-minded individuals as well as free support from mentors and advisors.

    23 Mar 2018
  • Site Launch
    Site Launch

    Aussie Digital is very excited to announce the launch of our new site!

    What we previously had was minimalistic but served its purpose to start some private investment. Now it's time for a site update. The new site design should give everybody a better understanding as to what we are all about.

    Where not just making a pretty home page where also updating the members admin dashboard to make it very user friendly. I personally have participated in many ICO startups. Some

    23 Mar 2018
  • Private Sale
    Private sale

    Our Private Sale has Commenced.

    We invite any interested parties to peruse our website and review our Whitepaper to get some insight as to what we are about.

    Early participants will receive Big Rewards.

    As early participation in any ICO is a risky business you will be rewarded as such. This project has Australian roots and a lot of passion behind it so we hope this helps with the usual concerns associated with this type of investment.

    23 Mar 2018