Aussie Digital Rewards: Ger exciting incentives and reward points on every purchase.

Reward Program

Aussie Digital is built on the belief that the experience of shopping and selling on this next-gen e-commerce ecosystem must be rewarding in every sense of the word.

Rewards reloaded

The Tradezy ecommerce platform of Aussie Digital brings a whole new world of rewards to help boost and sustain the growth of the e-tail community. This reward program brings exciting incentives to the platform’s shoppers, giving them the solid motivation to shop more to earn big.

Best of all, the e-tailers will not have to shell out a single penny from their pockets to help their shoppers and prospects take part in this reward program. Instead, all the rewards from the program are given by the team behind Aussie Digital. That means the incentives will be given to shoppers at zero expense to the e-tailers.

A rewarding experience

Because of its amazing reward framework, this e-commerce platform has become popular among smart shoppers who are serious about making their buying experience rewarding. The e-commerce platform brings a world of rewards that can be redeemed by shoppers anytime.

The shopper rewards will be paid in the form of AUDCoins—Aussie Digital’s native crypto coin. This way, new shoppers can also be introduced to the new world of online shopping at Tradezy. Not just that, the circulation of AUDCoins will also help strengthen the value and use case of this digital asset. Overall, Aussie Digital’s reward program is fool-proof and brings something for both shoppers and buyers.