Tradedo: Crypto trading platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with no hassle.

Tradedo trading exchange

Tradedo, Aussie Digital’s trading exchange, empowers merchants and shoppers to leverage leading crypto coins for selling and buying services and products in a few clicks.

Simplifying Crypto Trading

Having the potential to revolutionize crypto trading, Tradedo is Aussie Digital’s native trading exchange platform. From having a user-friendly interface to being a secure trading platform, Tradedo gives crypto traders, even newcomers, full confidence to trade crypto assets without any hassles.

The platform will allow traders to buy the most popular crypto coins easily and quickly. The ecosystem’s native coin, AUDCoin, will be used on Tradedo to buy other crypto assets. The creators behind Aussie Digital refer to Tradedo as the ecosystem “Engine Room”. Now, let us take a quick look at some highlights that make this crypto trading portal one of the best in business.


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  • Feature Security


    The crypto exchange leverages 2FA and other mechanisms to offer a secure trading experience all the time.

  • Feature Security


    Tradedo brings a suite of digital tools that will help streamline the way you trade crypto coins at a low fee.

  • Feature Security

    Ease of Use

    The exchange has a simple user interface that makes the learning curve less steep for inexperienced traders.

  • Feature Security

    Customer Support

    Got any questions about how the exchange works or about crypto trading? If so, experts are just a click away.

  • Feature Security

    Supported Coins

    Tradedo will support trading of a wide array of crypto coins and other assets so that traders are spoilt of choice.

  • Feature Security

    Payment Methods

    This exchange offers absolutely secure and diverse payment methods so that the capital you use for investment is safe.

Delivering a seamless crypto trading experience

At Tradedo, you will have a seamless and secure crypto trading experience. The exchange does not have problems that are commonplace in the crypto-trading landscape. Whether it is low withdrawal limits or compromised security or bad customer support, Tradedo helps traders overcome these common shortcomings easily. These highlights of Tradedo make it one of the most customer-focused trading ecosystems of all time.