Tradezy eCommerce: Set up your shop online and accept crypto and fiat currencies.

tradezy ecommerce

As a trusted e-commerce platform, Tradezy empowers business owners to set up shop online and accept fiat and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform offers a suite of tools to boost business growth online.

Making Shopping Eazy

Tradezy is an eBay-inspired and an Amazon-styled ecommerce platform that will transform the way buyers and sellers interact and transact. This ecommerce platform is specifically designed for small business owners to take their retail shop online in no time and at low costs. The platform is fully loaded with many features, including SEO.

For both buyers and shoppers, Tradezy brings amazing reward programs that will improve the experience of shopping and selling. The platform will make selling wholesale products cost-effective, search engine smart, and user friendly. All in all, this new-age ecommerce platform, with all its bells and whistles, will make the process of buying and selling streamlined, fast, and easy.

Redefining selling and shopping

For shoppers and small businesses alike, Tradezy helps them redefine the way they shop and sell stuff online. Besides, the ecommerce platform brings not just an Amazon-like store builder pack but even a range of digital marketing tools along with a B2B trading ecosystem.

The platform has the most robust processes to help minimize the costs for both retailers and shoppers. Eventually, to help make the buying and shopping experiences fun, both shoppers and merchants receive amazing rewards.