Get Lucrative Rewards to Earn Cryptocurrency at Aussie Digital

No Coin Purchase For Affiliate Bonus

Help spread the word about Aussie Digital ICO and receive AUDcoin for your efforts. Our Affiliate program offers lucrative rewards with a 3 level program. Earn 10% on your first sign up another 3% if they sign up another member and another 1% if they sign somebody else up.Interested but a bit short on coin yourself? That's Ok! You don't have to purchase any AUDcoin. All you need to do is signup, get your Affiliate code and start promoting. Its that simple!Every Coin you earn goes straight to your members account, ready to be claimed on the ICO completion.
Any material on our website can be used in your efforts to promote Aussie Digital. So what are you waiting for?
Affiliate program
LEVEL 1 10%
LEVEL 2 3%
LEVEL 3 1%