Challenges of E-Commerce Marketplaces for Small Business Owners
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Challenges of E-Commerce Marketplaces for Small Business Owners
E-Commerce Marketplaces
29 Aug 2018

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are having their own online stores which are easy to use and deploy. The store owners need to upload an image, set price, description and payment process to sell their products online. These Big Marketplaces also promote these products to international markets to enhance the targeted market that results in increasing the revenue generation for small business owners. Even, most of the reputed marketplaces offer streamlined payments options that allow sellers to receive cash as soon as possible after shipping products.

Although E-commerce marketplaces provide all these benefits they still are an expensive deal for most of the small and medium-sized manufacturers and producers. The key challenges faced by them include:-

• Still, they need to put extra effort into promoting their stores for enhancing traffic and conversion

• Need to follow and complete whole bureaucratic processes from the starting

• They have to pay multiple expenses for registration forms

• Most of the popular marketplaces charge expensive fees that reduced their profit returns

• Transaction fees are also high on commonly accepted payment systems

What B2B are looking in E-Commerce Marketplace?

The small-scale manufacturers and entrepreneurs choose the marketplaces on different factors like ease of use, simple terms & conditions, payment systems, etc. However, most of the small business owners prefer to choose an E-commerce store comes with available payment options, low transaction fees, and speed of settling transactions. In short, simple and cheap payment systems are mainly considered by business owners and manufactures while choosing an E-commerce marketplace.

To resolve the above-listed problems and matching the benefits of Marketplace, Aussie Digital is coming with a new solution. They are designing a Platform called Tradezy that combines the benefits of E-commerce marketplace and cryptocurrency to resolve all the current issues faced by small business owners. The platform will offer simple, easy and fast working with decentralized payments system that charges very fewer fees with transaction security and record keeping benefit. This platform will give competition to currently operating bureaucratic and expensive marketplaces.

Aussie Digital AUDcoin solution

At Aussie Digital, they are aiming to help small-scale manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and producers by providing them with a secure and easy to use platform where they can effectively market their products without spending much fortune. The Platform will utilize AUDcoin that open the doors for regional and local producers to reach the national and international markets. Below, we have discussed others prime benefits of Aussie Digital Tradezy Platform:-

• Give exposure to the international markets

• Provide financial reporting tools

• Contain local product content

• Less sign-up fees

• Integration of Blockchain technology

• Special prices for AUDcoin token holders

• Round the clock product promotion and customer service support

• Alleviate the liquidity challenges

• Customer feedback review system

• Based on cryptocurrency

• Provide performance analysis for improvised marketing and promotion

• Ready to use online store building platform

With all these perks, Aussie Digital Tradezy platform will not only help in resolving small-scale owners or manufacturers problems but also benefits the buyers to get products at a reasonable price with great discounts and deals. The platform will also increase the AUDcoin use and value because sellers will use it to enjoy the discounts, offers, and services provided by the platform.