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  • Aussie Digital Staking
    Participate In Aussie Digital Staking and Its Referral Program to Earn More With our staking program, users can stake their AUD Coins and get 10% interest as a monthly reward. It’s a super simple to start staking on Aussie Digital where users need to login their Members Dashboard and transfer their AUD Coins to their staking wallet.
    06 Nov 2019
  • Aussie Digital Staking
    Increase the Coins in Your Crypto Wallet with Aussie Digital Staking Hey everyone! We would like to thanks all the users who stand by us in our journey and make our every endeavor successful.
    30 Oct 2019
  • Aussie Digital Airdrop Ends Now
    Aussie Digital Airdrop and SuperDrop Is Finally Ends Up- Time to Stake now Aussie Digital would like to inform all the users that our “Airdrop” and “SuperDrop” is finally ended. We are highly thankful to the users who made our endeavors successful with their great support and dedicated engagements.
    17 Oct 2019
  • Aussie Digital Staking
    Get Ready! Aussie Digital Staking Is On The Floor…. Yes, our Airdrop and Super Drop are still running in the market in which you can participate and earn free AUD coins in your wallet. This is a great time to earn free AUD Coins and put them on stakes to grab more lucrative benefits. Our Super Drop packed with lots of activities and allows users to get more and more AUD Coins and rewards.
    11 Oct 2019
  • Aussie Digital Staking
    Mark the date 14th Oct 2019! Aussie Digital is going to launch its staking Aussie Digital is thankful to its all users who participated in their Airdrop and Super Drop campaigns and make them successful by spreading the world about Aussie Digital and AUD Coins. Now, we are glad to announce that we have almost completed our staking program and launching it on 14th October 2019 users currently active on our platform. That means if you have helped in spreading the word about Aussie Digital and earned some free AUD Coin in the process then you will able to stake those earned rew
    04 Oct 2019
  • Tradezy E-Commerce Platform
    Aussie Digital- Come Up To Brighten Up the Future for Retailers with Tradezy E-Commerce Platform Today, we live in a digital world where the e-commerce industry is flourishing at a higher pace and people are looking at the E-commerce industry as a lucrative business opportunity. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay are count as famous e-commerce platforms that contain numbers of online stores that are convenient to use and deploy.
    27 Sep 2019
  • SuperDrop is Begun
    Aussie Digital “Super Drop” is finally live! Sign up now to grab your free AUD Coins We are happy to announce that our Super Drop has finally started and we are very excited and expect a great response that our user gave us in our first round of Airdrop.  Our “Super Drop” has come up with lots of surprises and rewards as well as allows you to earn AUD coins that you can further use on our E-commerce platform “Tradezy”.  So, are you ready to join our “Super Drop”?  Then, have a look at how you can be a part of it?
    05 Jul 2019
  • SuperDrop is almost set to launch
    Aussie Digital #SuperDrop is almost set to launch

    Are you dealing in cryptocurrency? Do you want to earn some free crypto coins in your wallet? If yes, then Aussie Digital is coming up to give you this opportunity. Yes! We have recently closed our first round of Airdrop and after seeing its great success now we are planning to bring our second round of Airdrop “SuperDrop” which will bring more surprises and perks for our prestigious users. We are thankful to all the applicants who participate in our airdrop and make it a successful one

    28 Jun 2019
  • Tradezy Coming up Soon
    Tradezy Coming up Soon to Resolve the Challenges of E-commerce Traders

    Today, the e-commerce industry is flourishing with higher pace but still, most of the small scale manufacturers and traders are unable to bring their products in this online world. In this article, we are sharing the key issues of e-commerce industry that restrict the local retailers and manufactured to enter in the online shopping platform.  

    Lack of funds

    Currently, small scale businesses are unable to set up their online store due to lack of fund problem

    19 Apr 2019
  • Earn Free 5000 Tokens with Aussie Digital Airdrop
    Claim Your Free 5000 Tokens with Aussie Digital Airdrop

    Aussie Digital airdrop is live now and still, you have an opportunity to be a part of it to get free AUDCoins directly on your wallet. Yes! We would like to inform you that our airdrop camping is going on in which we are distributing 400 million AUDcoins and inviting more and more people to join it. You just need to simply sign up on our website and follow our Telegram group to join our airdrop camping. Once you have done with this process you will receive 5000 AUDcoins instantly on your dashboard.

    09 Apr 2019