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Active Staking. Get Actively involved!

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Active Staking on the Aussie Digital platform will earn you 10% staking rewards per month. To Actively Stake you need to login to your Members Dashboard.You will then need to send AUDcoin to your Staking wallet. The same wallet you use on Tradezy.io

You can Actively Stake your coins for the time of your choice 120,150,180 days. On maturity you can either Claim your Stake or re-Stake. The more coins you stake to more you can earn. Any coins you earned can also be spent from the same wallet at Tradezy.io

Besides rewards on Tradezy this is the only way to get more AUDcoin after our IEO and ICO is over. Keep in mind that lots of our Airdrop and SuperDrop participants will want to cash in after the ICO is over. This is another way to get more AUDcoin to stake.

There are also benefits to retails. Should a retailer have a sale or liquidate some stock they could use Active Staking to pick up the loss they incurred. By Actively Staking for 2 times of 30 days they could make 10% per 30 days compounded.

As we are only releasing a small amount of coins in our IEO and ICO, Active Staking rewards will last for many years. This is only the first stage of Active Staking. Once it is all unveiled in time it will be clear that Active Staking will be around for many more year to come.
Digi Coin