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The Staking Limit Is Now Just $10

Aussie Digital has dropped the minimum stake to 1,000 AUD Coins—that's just $10! So, if you're a new member, you'll have to buy only a small amount to test the effectiveness of the staking program.

per 1000 aud coins
Spend $10 to get 1,000 AUDCoins—it's a great opportunity to test the staking program without shelling out too much money.

Bid adieu to the bear market

A common question that comes to every investor's mind: What'll happen when the market drops and you've just staked in AUDCoins? You may assume that the value of your AUDCoins will go down from something you started initially. Let's answer your questions to help you understand how staking works and why it's an ideal investment instrument even in a bear market.

Whenever you stake AUDCoins, you'll do that on the dollar value. Here's an example. Suppose you staked 10,000 AUDCoins when the value of every coin is worth USD.01. That means you'd be staking coins worth USD 1,000. And imagine the stake limit, which you'd set, was 120 days. After the period, you'll get AUDCoins worth USD 1,400. And the value won't diminish, no matter what's the market value at that period. To cut a long story short, you'll get 10% of the staked dollar value after every 30 days—and this value or gain won't be subject to market change.

Here's one other interesting thing. Staking may not be an HYIP, but many smart investors get Bitcoin for the lowest possible price so that they can get more out of their dollar. So, whenever you buy AUDCoins for the purpose of staking them, the price won't matter because eventually you're using the assets as stakes.

That's why it makes sense to think about staking AUDCoins whenever you see the price of Bitcoin falling. The fact is, AUDCoin's staking program is meant for the bear market.


Staking is a means of earning interest on your AUDcoin. Staking works as a safety net when the market is Bear. When you have placed your stake your stake is based on USD value and not the value of AUDcoin. This means if the market is Bear and AUDcoin drops, you are protected and still receive your interest every 30 days.

Existing Users can be a part of the Staking program by log in their member dashboard and send their AUDCoins for staking. If you are newbie then you need to first signup on Aussie Digital website and activate the 2FA verification via your phone. Once the user get registered, they can stake their AUDCoins.

Active Staking on the Aussie Digital platform will earn you up to 10% and sometimes more staking rewards per month. To Actively Stake you need to log in to your Members Dashboard. You will then need to send AUDcoin to your Staking wallet.

Minimum duration for staking the AUDCoins is 120 days and maximum is 180 days. Staking still works the same way in a Bull market. You receive 10% every 30 days. The only difference is the value of AUDcoin could rise more than 10% in a 30 day period which means you would have made more holding it.