About us:Blockchain-based ecosystem that allows users to buy and sell products using cryptocurrency.
About Us
Now that I have your attention here is a little info About us and why it's All About You.

The Aussie Digital Team and it's Advisors are a diverse group of like minded people. Different backgrounds. Different educations. Different cultures. But with the same goal. Helping You!

Besides the obvious, being Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Development the Aussie Digital teams background comes from a variety of different sectors. Ecommerce,Importing, Exporting, Business Development Training, Banking, Trading Stocks,Currencies and Cryptocurrencies.

When all these skills are put together what do you get? A New Cryptocurrency that can not only be traded but used immediately to pay for goods and services. We are not sitting back saying "You Can Buy Stuff With Our Coin". Like most do.
We are building Things so you can buy Stuff!

It's tough out there for Small Business and we know this through our own experiences. We have been through highs and lows in Business. Made some mistakes and had some good wins. Small Business is like a rollercoaster ride....Your up....Your down...Your up Again. The point Im making is that through our own mistakes the idea of Aussie Digital was conceived. It's not just a crazy idea to raise funds. Its a project that come from the heart. We really want You to succeed.

One of the biggest problems "You" face in business and life in general is the flow of money. The flow starts at the top and slowly trickles down until You as Mums,Dads and Business owners pretty much get the last drops as the flow has been dammed of by Banks and greedy establishments charging exuberant Fees and Charges.

Because of this we all borrow money and have to pay it back with huge interest. It moves from banks through lending or is given to people for their labour. This is primarily how Small and Medium Business gets money. In other words we trade our current time "Labour" or our future time for a Loan. The problem is our time is short and sooner rather than later it runs out. This is a fact that most people don't think about or don't want to think about for obvious reasons. It's a horrible thought but time is our most precious commodity and we trade it for money!

With that in mind....What can be done to to stop this? Well we do our best to cut the banks and any middle men out. Not to say we don't need them but through the use of alternative payment methods "Cryptocurrency" and cheaper fees on our platform we can cut down our reliance on them. This is what Aussie Digital is all about.We want You to get a fair go. We want You to enjoy more of Your precious time and have more money in your pocket to enjoy it with.

At the heart of Aussie Digital is a philanthropic view that You should have the opportunity to be just as successful as anybody else, regardless of Your investment or experience. With a Protective Community based Ecosystem and Better business tools, Aussie Digital will gear each community member "You" to do better Business and feel valued and secure in the ever-evolving space of Digital Currency. We know that to keep our community strong and prosperous, members "You" need to feel supported by the ecosystem. This support contributes to a highly fluid market based around Community where both long and short-term investors can expect a higher return on investment. More so than other Cryptocurrencies and ICOs that don't really consider the longevity of the Coin or the Community.

For far too long the Small & Family Owned Businesses have been at a disadvantage. With the constant increase of new business coming to market across the globe, they needed our help more than ever. We liken our project to the power of the ant. Alone it is small, and the journey is hard. But together they can build wonderful things and even ward off the largest of invaders. So, by building a strong community we can shape a new economic landscape for Small & Family Businesses across the globe and create amazing things, just like the ant.