News Detail
28 Aug 2018

The process of setting up a store on our platform will be as simple as signing up. Upon successful registration, a seller will have access to a variety of tools and a step-by-step guide to launching the first product in the merchant’s store.


The items will be automatically categorized based on the settings made by the seller. A preview function will be added making it easy for the sellers to see what the final page will look like before it goes live. But still, the page will not go live until the seller fills out all the necessary product details including the product image, description, price, bonus points, warranty information and shipping options. Other details such as store's name and logo will have to be entered before during the registration process and will be automatically inserted into your theme of choice. Upon completion, a seller can then launch their store and start accepting orders.


Our intention is to create a platform for the best small-scale manufacturers/ entrepreneurs so as to expose their products to a much wider global market. However, bad customer experiences and reviews can negatively hurt the platform and reduce the traffic to our sellers' stores and the platform as a whole. It is for this reason that our platform will include a Quality Assurance (QA) department. The purpose of this department will be to ensure that only verified manufacturers and producers operate stores on our platform. The department will also look into the quality to ensure that they match descriptions and meet quality standards of destination markets. To further enhance quality and encourage suppliers to do the right thing, each payment from a buyer will move to an escrow account first and not directly to the seller. The payment will only be released to the seller when the buyer acknowledges receipt of the product through a simple one-click process.


A variety of global logistics companies will be made available on the platform, allowing buyers to easily choose the most convenient one for themselves. Upon purchasing a product, buyers will be supplied with a tracking code to follow up on the shipping process. In case the product doesn't arrive at its destination or the buyer experiences any other problem, our arbitration team may order a refund or settle the complaint in any other legal manner that is just and fair to the buyer and to the seller. The arbitration team will respond to all cases within 24 hours to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Summary of the E-commerce Cycle on our Platform


- Purchase order is placed, and payment made.

- Payment is deposited to an Escrow Account (seller can see that it is available but cannot withdraw).

- Seller packages and takes the product to the logistics company.

- A tracking code is assigned.

- Customer receives the product and acknowledges receipt.

- In case of no complaints, the funds in the escrow account are instantly released to the seller.

- In case of complaints, arbitration process commences that results in binding decisions (including partial or full refund).

- Customer leaves feedback.