Tradezy will make local retailers go global. Find out how.
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Tradezy will make local retailers go global. Find out how.
Local retailers go global
24 Aug 2018

As a local retailer, you’ll always dream to go global and make it big someday. Now, that someday is coming soon with the launch of Tradezy—an online store that’ll make local retail outlets like yours become global brands seamlessly.

But before jumping on how Tradezy will improve your business, let’s see what’s happening in the global e-commerce landscape right now.

The e-commerce world—here and now

Today, the world of e-commerce is dominated by big e-tailers. Most of these e-stores supply merchandise in bulk. Whenever quantities are supplied in bulk, quality usually takes a hit. What’s more? Most of the e-commerce platforms charge a high fee, and that’s why small- and mid-sized retailers can’t afford to set up shop on them.

Even if you manage to cough up the fee charged by these platforms, you won’t almost always find IT specialists on time.

Because you won’t find the right IT experts on time, your online store won’t be able to unlock the real potential of being on the internet. And the lack of IT specialists is just one of the many reasons why local retailers struggle to promote their brands online.

Now, what’s the solution to this and many other similar problems that define an e-commerce platform of today?

It’s Tradezy.

Trading your products becomes easy with Tradezy

Tradezy will be special among most of the online shopping platforms of today. Why? Because it’ll give you ready-to-deploy IT support so that your online retail store caters to its prospects and clients without any tech glitch.

Giving top-class IT support is just one of the many amazing features of Tradezy. In short, Tradezy will simply make sure that your online business will be a click away from your prospects and customers.

Tradezy will be committed to giving top-quality products to its shoppers. So if you’ve got the best quality to offer to the world of shoppers online, then you’ve got to be on Tradezy. This online shopping platform will make sure that retailers are screened well before they’re allowed to set up shop.

One big highlight of Tradezy is that it’ll allow shopping to be done using crypto money. The platform will allow you to accept crypto money—now, that means your business will be on a par with some of the biggest online retail chains that support crypto shopping.

Last but not least, the store will get full marks in terms of usability as well. Yes, Tradezy will be an Amazon-style e-store that’s super simple to navigate. Its ease of use is giving it the upper hand over other e-commerce platforms out there.

In the end

The bottom line is simple. If you want to set up shop online, you’ll need a reliable e-commerce platform. And when you search for a trusted online shopping platform, you’ll definitely stumble upon Tradezy. Best of all, this platform will launch soon. Keep checking this space for more information in this regard.