Find out what’s all new in Aussie Digital’s all-new e-commerce website
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Find out what’s all new in Aussie Digital’s all-new e-commerce website
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28 Sep 2018

Are you a local retailer?

If you nod in the affirmative, you’ll forever dream of going global and becoming successful someday.

Well, now that someday is coming pretty soon with the unveiling of Tradezy—Aussie Digital’s native online shopping platform.

This e-commerce platform is built for a generation that believes in blockchain and crypto money. It’s built for those people who believe that these new pieces of tech will reshape the future of shopping once and for all.

In short, Tradezy will be an online store that’ll make any local retail outlet like yours become absolutely global in no time.

However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of Tradezy, let’s find out what’s actually happening in today’s e-commerce landscape.

What does today’s e-commerce world look like?

Right now, the e-commerce ecosystem is captured by powerful e-tailers. Many e-stores supply its products in bulk, and that very fact makes the quality of the merchandise pretty shabby.

And if that wasn’t all, such platforms usually charge a lot from a retailer who wants to take its business online. Because of this high fee alone, many retailers simply can’t afford taking their business online—no matter what.

And even if you try to cough up the high fee charged by any of these e-commerce platforms, you most probably won’t find an IT specialist at the time of setting up your shop.

And just because you most probably won’t be able to find the right IT experts on time, your online store won’t just be able to unlock the real value of being online. Worst of all, the fact of not having IT support all the time is just a single reason why retailers don’t make a splash online. Like that, there are truckloads of other reasons that make many local retailers taste failure while they’re on the web.

Now, what’s the ultimate solution to this problem and many others like it?

It’s none other than Tradezy.

Tradezy is arriving to streamline the way retailers become e-tailers

Long story short, Tradezy is here to make sure that you’re able to trade your products without any hassles. As the name suggests, this e-commerce platform is there to make trading easy.

But what actually makes Tradezy the best online shopping platform of these days is that it’ll give robust IT support. This way, your online store will cater to its clients and prospects without any glitch whatsoever.

Yes, giving top-of-the-line IT support is just one of the many awesome features that Tradezy will come packed with. In simple words, this e-commerce platform will have a native ad platform that’ll make sure your e-shop is just a click away from your consumers and prospects.

What’s more? Tradezy is even committed to delivering the best-in-class products to all its shoppers. So if you’re a retailer with the best stuff to offer, then you should sign up on Tradezy. For selling only quality products, Tradezy will screen all its retailers before letting them set up shop.

Yet another big highlight of this e-commerce platform is that it’ll allow shopping to be done through crypto money. This platform will let you accept crypto money. And that actually means your online retail outlet will be among the mightiest retail chains that allow crypto shopping.

Last but not least, Tradezy will score full marks in the usability sector as well. Yes, this online shopping website has taken its design cues from top-class stores such as Amazon and eBay. That’s why you’ll find Tradezy to be super simple to navigate. And the platform’s ease-of-use will definitely give it the upper hand over other e-commerce platforms available on the market right now.

To sum up

So, the bottom line is quite evident now. If you want to take your retail outlet online, you’ll need a very reliable and robust online platform. And when it comes to searching the most dependable e-commerce platform that accepts crypto money, it’ll come down to Tradezy. The best part is that this platform is just about to launch, so you better bookmark this space to be the first one to receive any Tradezy update.