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  • Aussie Digital’s e-commerce ecosystem
    Aussie Digital will connect small shops and family businesses with the world

    The internet has changed the way buying and selling work.

    Despite the revolution that turned commerce into e-commerce, small and family businesses haven’t really transformed the way they should. The thing is, these mom-and-pop stores are still far away from unlocking the true value of technology.

    But, soon, that’ll change with Aussie Digital.

    Introducing Aussie Digital

    Before jumping on Aussie Digital, let’s discuss cryptocu

    04 Sep 2018
  • E-Commerce Marketplaces
    Challenges of E-Commerce Marketplaces for Small Business Owners

    Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are having their own online stores which are easy to use and deploy. The store owners need to upload an image, set price, description and payment process to sell their products online. These Big Marketplaces also promote these products to international markets to enhance the targeted market that results in increasing the revenue generation for small business owners. Even, most of the reputed marketplaces offer streamlined payments options that allow sellers to rece

    29 Aug 2018
  • B2B Platform



    As mentioned earlier, our initial business was to operate a platform to help small businesses fund their ideas. It is our aim to scale, modify, improve and integrate a new B2B platform.


    The purpose of this new B2B platform will be simple - to allow merchants, sellers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to pull together their resources in joint funds and sou

    29 Aug 2018
  • operations-computer-audcoin

    The process of setting up a store on our platform will be as simple as signing up. Upon successful registration, a seller will have access to a variety of tools and a step-by-step guide to launching the first product in the merchant’s store.


    The items will be automatically categorized based on the settings made by the seller. A preview function will be added making it easy for the sellers to see what the final page will look like before it goes live. But still, the

    28 Aug 2018
  • Local retailers go global
    Tradezy will make local retailers go global. Find out how. As a local retailer, you’ll always dream to go global and make it big someday. Now, that someday is coming soon with the launch of Tradezy—an online store that’ll make local retail outlets like yours become global brands seamlessly. But before jumping on how Tradezy will improve your business, let’s see what’s happening in the global e-commerce landscape right now.
    24 Aug 2018
  • Audcoin-platforms-online-shoppers
    WHY ONLINE SHOPPERS NEED OUR PLATFORM Looking for an opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrency? Tired of only being able to speculate with it? Not impressed with current E-commerce, the way it deals with Cryptocurrency and the lack of any benefits associated with it? Aussie Digital is here to revolutionise it all. With our AUDcoin, not only can you freely trade with any currencies you want, you can use it online on our platform to shop at excellent rates with unbelievable bonuses and benefits following you with every transaction.
    23 Aug 2018
  • The AUDcoin Platform Tools for Small Business Marketing and promotion are the key components of running any business, be it online or brick and mortar. Proper marketing (of online businesses) attracts traffic, which in turn increases sales and profits. We will have comprehensive digital marketing tools as well as internal social media to make it easy for the store owners
    22 Aug 2018
  • audcoin-platforms
    WHY TRADERS NEED OUR PLATFORM? Access to the local market There are currently 15 billion people shopping online. Though some prefer shopping from E-commerce stores in their own countries, others have no problem in shopping from the online stores located in other countries. Our platform allows small business owners to tap into their national and global markets.
    21 Aug 2018
  • audcoin-team-solution
    AUSSIE DIGITAL COIN SOLUTION Our platform is nearing completion of the development stage. Our objective is to deliver a fast, easy-to-use and secure platform that will enable small-scale manufacturers, producers and entrepreneurs to market their products out there without having to spend a fortune. Our store builder will be online-based and extremely easy to setup so that most people can easily do it themselves in a few hours. If you need assistance our online live help desk is available globally 24/7.
    20 Aug 2018
  • pos verses pow
    PROOF OF STAKE (POS) Traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are based and earned on the Proof of Work (POW) concept. This requires specialized hardware. Advantages of POS Vs POW For POW, dozens (if not hundreds) of computers and immense computing power are required to make any serious progress. This obviously involves great initial investments and energy costs. However, the AUD token uses an alternative ‘greener’ process of maintaining the network – Proof of Stake (POS).
    14 Aug 2018