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SuperDrop is almost set to launch
Aussie Digital #SuperDrop is almost set to launch

Are you dealing in cryptocurrency? Do you want to earn some free crypto coins in your wallet? If yes, then Aussie Digital is coming up to give you this opportunity. Yes! We have recently closed our first round of Airdrop and after seeing its great success now we are planning to bring our second round of Airdrop “SuperDrop” which will bring more surprises and perks for our prestigious users. We are thankful to all the applicants who participate in our airdrop and make it a successful one

Tradezy Coming up Soon
Tradezy Coming up Soon to Resolve the Challenges of E-commerce Traders

Today, the e-commerce industry is flourishing with higher pace but still, most of the small scale manufacturers and traders are unable to bring their products in this online world. In this article, we are sharing the key issues of e-commerce industry that restrict the local retailers and manufactured to enter in the online shopping platform.  

Lack of funds

Currently, small scale businesses are unable to set up their online store due to lack of fund problem

Earn Free 5000 Tokens with Aussie Digital Airdrop
Claim Your Free 5000 Tokens with Aussie Digital Airdrop

Aussie Digital airdrop is live now and still, you have an opportunity to be a part of it to get free AUDCoins directly on your wallet. Yes! We would like to inform you that our airdrop camping is going on in which we are distributing 400 million AUDcoins and inviting more and more people to join it. You just need to simply sign up on our website and follow our Telegram group to join our airdrop camping. Once you have done with this process you will receive 5000 AUDcoins instantly on your dashboard.

Don’t Miss the Chance to earn free AUDcoins with Aussie Digital Airdrop

Are you one of those who deal in cryptocurrencies? Do you want to get some free Cryptocurrencies that you can use on any e-commerce platform? Yes! Then without any delay participate in Aussie Digital’s airdrop.

The Countdown Begin! Hurry up to fill your entries for our airdrop camping starts on 5th April 2019. By joining Aussie Digital airdrop you will get free 5000 AUDcoins instantly on your dashboard. You can use these coins on our Tradezy e-commerce platform to create your o

Grab Free AUDcoins by Participating in Aussie Digital’s Airdrop Program

At Aussie Digital, we are coming up with the idea of developing an ecosystem which could play a significant role in reshaping the arena of e-commerce industry with the help of cryptocurrency.  The ecosystem will be created on blockchain technology and will have its own crypto coin named as “AUDcoin”.  This robust ecosystem encompasses various services including e-commerce platform (Tradezy), trading exchange (Tradedo), social media platform (Chatezy) and more.

We are

Participate in Aussie Digital’s Airdrop and ICO to Gain Unmatched Benefits

Are you looking for e-commerce platform where you can utilize crypto currency? If yes, then your wait is over now as Aussie Digital is coming up with its crypto- friendly E-commerce platform- Tradezy.  Aussie Digital is launching its E-commerce Ecosystem which will comprise of functional E-commerce platform (Tradezy), Tradedo (crypto trading platform) and multiple services powered by the advanced blockchain technology. By introducing blockchain supported e-commerce platform, Aussie Digital is

Aussie Digital- Stepping Ahead To Transform The E-Commerce Industry

Are you not happy with current E-commerce platform due to an absence of cryptocurrency usage and lack of benefits? Do you want to use your crypto wallet for online shopping? At Aussie Digital we endeavor to resolve the barriers of e-commerce platform by introducing Tradedo e-commerce platform that works on AUDcoin.  With AUDcoin you can easily trade with any cryptocurrency and use our platform to shop online at best prices with amazing bonuses, discounts, and benefits on every transaction.

Tradezy - ecommerce platform
How Tradezy will utilize cryptocurrency to enhance online shopping experience?

Are you looking for a new opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency? Not happy with your current e-commerce ecosystem that does not prioritise cryptocurrency? If yes, then do not worry anymore as Aussie Digital has come up with an amazing solution that will revolutionise the arena of online shopping.

Aussie Digital brings a new ecommerce platform with its own crypto coin – AUDcoin. This crypto coin can be used by reta

Aussie Digital Ecosystem
A Brief Introduction to Aussie Digital Ecosystem

Nowadays, there are a number of ICOs in the market, claiming to be the next globally accepted currency. But, these coins have hardly any uses in practical life. At Aussie Digital, they are aim to develop an ecosystem which will play well in transforming the arena of e-commerce world by utilizing cryptocurrency.  It is a robust ecosystem that includes e-commerce platform, trading exchange, social media platform and other multiple services. The Aussie Digital ecosystem is supported by blockchain

cryptocurrency trading platform
Aussie Digital - Introducing a New Way of Trading Cryptocurrency

No doubt, the crypto economy is growing steadily. More and more people are interested in exploring various opportunities provided by the crypto trading system. But, using trading format is not that easy especially for those who are new to this field.  It is a little difficult to understand the whole process because there are no defined steps or protocols provided to manage it. As a result, cryptocurrency trading process becomes complex, almost every time for everyone and even for the experienc