Aussie Digital Staking is almost here
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Mark the date 14th Oct 2019! Aussie Digital is going to launch its staking

Aussie Digital Staking

04 Oct 2019

Aussie Digital is thankful to its all users who participated in their Airdrop and Super Drop campaigns and make them successful by spreading the world about Aussie Digital and AUD Coins. Now, we are glad to announce that we have almost completed our staking program and launching it on 14th October 2019 users currently active on our platform. That means if you have helped in spreading the word about Aussie Digital and earned some free AUD Coin in the process then you will able to stake those earned rewards to reap more profits!
Those who are interested to be the part of Aussie Digital’s passive income staking program are required to complete the 2FA verification process through their mobile phone. It is mandatory for all the users to activate 2FA verification through phone only otherwise you will not able to participate in our staking process. Maybe you have done your 2FA verification through email but it is not valid and you have to complete it via your phone only. If you are facing any difficulty while doing 2FA verification or having a query then you can mail us on [email protected] or raise the ticket on Aussie Digital’s official website.  
What is Aussie Digital?
Aussie Digital has come up with the aim of reinventing the realm of the e-commerce industry. We mainly want to help small scale retailers and manufacturers who are unable to bring their offline businesses to the online world due to the issues of high transaction fees, competition in the global market, high capital investment, and more. After seeing all these prime issues of the e-commerce industry we start working on our next-generation crypto supported and blockchain-based e-commerce platform “Tradezy”. This platform will be powered by cryptocurrency so that online shoppers can use their crypto money for doing shopping on the Tradezy platform. This e-commerce platform will also work like other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. 
The platform will also have its own coin “AUD Coins” through platform users and online store owners can enjoy the various benefits in different ways. We have designed our platform with a user-friendly interface and include various services and tools such as SEO, rewards points, low transaction fees, financial reporting tools, and many more through which vendors can successfully promote their products and brands in the global market. 
Key Benefits of Tradezy
Our Tradezy e-commerce will prove highly beneficial for small scale retailers and entrepreneurs by enabling them to open their online stores on the platform without spending much fortune. The platform will eliminate the role of mediators or middlemen like banks which directly impact on the profit margins of the online store owners. Apart from this, the platform provides various services and tools that give a unique identity to the store owners and enable them to promote their products and services successfully in the global market. 
On the other hand, online shoppers can enjoy the benefits of huge discounts and rewards by doing shopping on the platform through “AUD Coins”. Tradezy will give a win to win option for both online shoppers and online buyers on the platform. Our Tradezy platform has also almost completed and we have launched its Beta Version for the vendors and merchants only. They can easily open their online stores on the platform and update their products list. Soon, we will open it for online shoppers also. 
Get some Free AUD Coins 
We would like to inform you that our SuperDrop is still running in the market through which you can grab free AUD Coins in your wallet. You can use these free AUD Coins further on the platform and use them for staking also. Our Super Drop includes various activities in which you can participate and earn free AUD Coins for you. 
If you want to get more information about Aussie Digital then read our white paper