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  • cryptocurrency trading platform
    Aussie Digital - Introducing a New Way of Trading Cryptocurrency

    No doubt, the crypto economy is growing steadily. More and more people are interested in exploring various opportunities provided by the crypto trading system. But, using trading format is not that easy especially for those who are new to this field.  It is a little difficult to understand the whole process because there are no defined steps or protocols provided to manage it. As a result, cryptocurrency trading process becomes complex, almost every time for everyone and even for the exp

    02 Nov 2018
  • Ultimate Solution for Online Shoppers
    Aussie Digital Brings the Ultimate Solution for Online Shoppers

    Nowadays, online shopping is appreciated due to its outstanding benefits and convenient shopping system. But customers are still facing lots of challenges while using an online shopping system. These challenges include buying from an unknown seller, trusting fake reviews and experiencing inferior quality products. These are some major concerns that mainly come when customers shop online from unknown sources that can’t be trusted.

    That’s where Aussie Digital comes into th

    25 Oct 2018
  • cryptocurrency trading rules
    3 rules about cryptocurrency trading that every trader should know

    Trading crypto coins successfully is possible.

    Yes, excelling at this all-new trading format is quite likely—it’s just that as a trader, you’ll need to form some good habits, build rich experience, and stick to some fundamentals.

    Cryptocurrency is a very hot topic these days, and its trading is rising in popularity as well. Since there’s a lot of volatility associated with crypto trading, there’s a chance to either earn truckloads of profit or

    10 Oct 2018
  • Advertising Platform
    E-tailers shouldn’t ignore the importance of an advertising platform

    Many e-commerce sites—including Amazon, Bidz, and Overstock—let an e-retailer put ads on their product pages.

    The importance of putting ads online just can’t be ignored right now. First things first, the ads on an e-commerce platform will let the retailers monetise the traffic to their stores quite easily. These ads may even let e-tailers attract those

    05 Oct 2018
  • Ecommerce platform
    Find out what’s all new in Aussie Digital’s all-new e-commerce website

    Are you a local retailer?

    If you nod in the affirmative, you’ll forever dream of going global and becoming successful someday.

    Well, now that someday is coming pretty soon with the unveiling of Tradezy—Aussie Digital’s native online shopping platform.

    This e-commerce platform is built for a generation that believes in blockchain and crypto money. It’s built for those people who believe that these new pieces of tech will reshape the future

    28 Sep 2018
  • Tradezy ecommerce platform
    Here’s how Tradezy will change the e-commerce game forever

    E-commerce is huge. And this hugeness is just going to get bigger and better as there are more and more new pieces of tech ready to transform e-commerce.

    One of these tech pieces is none other than cryptocurrency. This new revolutionary technology will definitely change the way the world e-commerce revolves.

    But why’s e-commerce risen in popularity? Why every new piece of tech attempts to change the way e-commerce works?

    Well, long story short, e-commerce h

    20 Sep 2018
  • Aussie Digital’s e-commerce ecosystem
    Aussie Digital will connect small shops and family businesses with the world

    The internet has changed the way buying and selling work.

    Despite the revolution that turned commerce into e-commerce, small and family businesses haven’t really transformed the way they should. The thing is, these mom-and-pop stores are still far away from unlocking the true value of technology.

    But, soon, that’ll change with Aussie Digital.

    Introducing Aussie Digital

    Before jumping on Aussie Digital, let’s discuss cr

    04 Sep 2018
  • E-Commerce Marketplaces
    Challenges of E-Commerce Marketplaces for Small Business Owners

    Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are having their own online stores which are easy to use and deploy. The store owners need to upload an image, set price, description and payment process to sell their products online. These Big Marketplaces also promote these products to international markets to enhance the targeted market that results in increasing the revenue generation for small business owners. Even, most of the reputed marketplaces offer streamlined payments options that allow sellers t

    29 Aug 2018
  • B2B Platform



    As mentioned earlier, our initial business was to operate a platform to help small businesses fund their ideas. It is our aim to scale, modify, improve and integrate a new B2B platform.


    The purpose of this new B2B platform will be simple - to allow merchants, sellers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to pull together their resources in joint funds a

    29 Aug 2018
  • operations-computer-audcoin

    The process of setting up a store on our platform will be as simple as signing up. Upon successful registration, a seller will have access to a variety of tools and a step-by-step guide to launching the first product in the merchant’s store.


    The items will be automatically categorized based on the settings made by the seller. A preview function will be added making it easy for the sellers to see what the final page will look like before it goes live. But still

    28 Aug 2018