Brighten Up the Future for Retailers with Tradezy E-Commerce Platform
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Aussie Digital- Come Up To Brighten Up the Future for Retailers with Tradezy E-Commerce Platform

Tradezy E-Commerce Platform

27 Sep 2019

Today, we live in a digital world where the e-commerce industry is flourishing at a higher pace and people are looking at the E-commerce industry as a lucrative business opportunity. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay are count as famous e-commerce platforms that contain numbers of online stores that are convenient to use and deploy. The retailers and manufacturers can easily open their online stores on these e-commerce platforms to get introduce their products and services in the international market. But, still, the e-commerce industry is struggling with various challenges that adversely impact the small scale retailers and manufacturers. 

There are many people who want to bring their offline business to the online world. But, for this, they have to spend a significant amount of capital and time to manage their online stores and other related operations. They have to spend on website store maintenance, setting international transactions, digital marketing, transaction fees, etc. to survive in this competitive e-commerce market. Some of the key challenges faced by the retailers and small manufacturers include:-

- They have put extra efforts into promoting their stores

- Need to follow a complete bureaucratic process

- Pay expenses for various registration forms 

- Popular marketplaces cost expensive fees which impact on the profit of online store owners

- Transaction fees are high with accepted payment systems. 

Aussie Digital’s Tradezy Platform to resolve E-commerce Challenges

Small scale retailers and manufacturers need a marketplace where they can easily open their online store with the benefits of affordable transaction fees, quick transaction settlement, simple terms & conditions, etc. At Aussie Digital, we have analyzed all the prime concerns of local retailers and entrepreneurs and come up with the idea of launching crypto-based and blockchain supported e-commerce platform “Tradezy”. This platform will enable to use of cryptocurrency for payment systems as well as play a vital role in eliminating the prime concerns of the e-commerce industry.    

We are already working on this project and the platform is almost at its completing stage and will be soon launched for people. Currently, a beta version of the Tradezy platform is live for merchants so that they can open their stores to list the products. Our platform also has its crypto coin “AUD Coin”. This platform will provide an easy and quick working process with its decentralized payment system as a result store owners need to pay reduced transaction fees and secured record-keeping benefits.   

Benefits of AUD Coins Solution 

Tradezy e-commerce platform enables the small scale retailers and manufacturers to bring their business to an online world without spending much fortune. By using AUD Coin, users can avail the various benefits on the platform that includes:-

- Fewer Signup fees

- Special financial reporting tools for maintaining records. 

- Exposure to an international market 

- Excellent customer service support

- Round the clock promotion of the products

- Customer feedback review system

All these features will benefit the store owners in promoting their business to the global market for generating more profits. Apart from it, online shoppers can use AUD Coins on the platform to get huge discount offers on their shopping.

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