Increase the Coins in Your Crypto Wallet with Aussie Digital Staking
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Increase the Coins in Your Crypto Wallet with Aussie Digital Staking

Aussie Digital Staking

30 Oct 2019

Hey everyone! We would like to thanks all the users who stand by us in our journey and make our every endeavor successful. Now, we have come up with our staking program for our “Super Drop” and Airdrop users so that they can earn more by staking their AUD Coins for a certain period. We would also like to inform you that our Airdrop and Super Drop has successfully closed.

But, now you can participate in our staking program and get a 10% commission per month on your staked coins. To be the part of our staking you just need to log in your dashboard and send your coins to the staking wallet. This will be the same wallet that you have used in  

2FA Verification via Phone Is Mandatory

You must be already done your 2FA verification but this time it is important to complete it only with your mobile phone in order to become a part of our staking. The 2FA verification done through email is not valid for staking. So without any delay just complete the process right now and reap the benefits by staking your coins.

For our user convenience, we are giving you the choice of time to stake your coins for 120, 150 or 180 days. It’s completely your wish for how long you want to stake your coins and get its benefits. However, if you stake more coins for a maximum period of time then you will get increased benefits on it. After the maturity of your staked coins, you can claim for a stake or re-stake them again.

What to Do To Be the Part of Staking? 

For staking, the user needs to first do their 2FA verification with their mobile phone. After completing this, they are required to raise the ticket on the Aussie Digital website to mark their entries for staking. Once their queries get marked and approved on the dashboard they become eligible to stake their AUD Coins. Just login to your account and send your coins to the crypto wallet for staking. Now, you have to share your staking experience on different social media channels so that more people get to know about Aussie Digital staking.

In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of the referral program and get a commission when your referred member will stake. We will transfer the commission directly to your account.

If still, you are facing any query regarding our staking process then raise the ticket on our website.

Who We Are?

At Aussie Digital we are trying to transform the e-commerce industry by introducing blockchain and crypto supported e-commerce platform “Tradezy”. Our platform will allow small scale producers, manufacturers and retailers to introduce their offline business to the online world without spending much fortune. Our platform will eliminate the key challenges of the e-commerce industry like a huge amount of capital, expensive transaction fees, high competition, etc. Moreover, our platform will also enable the use of crypto payments so that online shoppers can use their crypto money for shopping on the platform. Tradezy will also have its own coin “AUDcoins” through online shoppers and store owners can enjoy good discounts offers on their shopping and get the platform services at low prices.