Aussie Digital Staking - Earn Rewards by Holding AUD Coins in Crypto Wallet
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Aussie Digital Staking - Earn Rewards by Holding AUD Coins in Crypto Wallet

Earn More With Staking Program

09 Jan 2020

Now, you can add more AUD Coins in your wallet by holding them for a specific time. Yes! With our Aussie Digital staking program, our users can get more AUD Coins by stake their coins. For this, you are required to stake your coins in your wallet for a certain period and get 10% commission every month on it. The existing members need to login their dashboard and transfer their coins in stake wallet to start staking.

If you are not an Aussie Digital member, then you are required to get registered on our website and validate the 2FA verification process through your phone. Once you have a complete the process, you are eligible to stake your coins and enjoy its exciting benefits. We already sold out our 500K AUD Coins out of 700k AUD Coins, and now we have 200 K AUD Coins left with us. 

We warmly welcome new users to be the part of our program and provide them with a great deal of 100% bonus on purchase of up to 50$ or equivalent in BTC, ETC on joining our staking program. Even, we are also giving the time choices to stake your coins, i.e. 120, 150 or 180 days so you can stake your coins as per your wish. Once your staked coins get matured, you can claim for it or re-stake them again to earn more rewards.

Referral Program 

We have also launched our referral program through which users can earn more by referring to other members in our staking program. If any member joins our staking program with your reference, then you will receive a 10% commission on it. Next, 3% you will get when your referred member joins another member in the community and last 1% when their referred member joins another one. The commission will directly transfer to your dashboard.

Where Can You Use Your AUD Coins? 

Aussie Digital is working on its e-commerce platform, which will redefine the e-commerce industry by eliminating its key challenges. Today, most of the small scale retailers, manufacturers and producers are unable to bring their business to the online platform due to the issues of high investment, transaction fees, competition, etc. 

But our blockchain and crypto supported Tradezy eCommerce resolve such issues of eCommerce industry and allowed the small scale vendors and traders to open their stores on this platform without spending much fortune. The Tradezy will provide crypto payment benefits as well as it has its coin “AUD Coins” through which online store owners and online shoppers can avail various benefits on the platform. 

By using AUD Coins, online store owners can enjoy the benefits of various services and tools on the Tradezy platform and promote their store around the world to increase their sales. On the other hand, online shoppers can receive huge discounts when they shop on the platform by using AUD Coins.  

So, join our staking and referral program to add more counts in your crypto wallet.