Aussie Digital Welcomes You to Be the Part of Its Staking Program
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Aussie Digital Welcomes You to Be the Part of Its Staking Program
Aussie Digital Staking  Program
20 Dec 2019

Aussie Digital is glad to announce that our staking program is successfully running with the support of our prestigious users. We have already sold 500k AUD coins out of 700K AUD coins and now we have only 200K AUD Coins left with us. Aussie Digital is heartily thankful to all its users who are always standing behind us and make our endeavor successful.

Now, we would like to welcome more new members to join our staking program and enjoy its lucrative benefit. With our Aussie Digital Staking program, users can earn a 10% commission every month on their staked coins.

For our new users who want to join our staking program, we are providing them a 100% BONUS on purchasing up to $ 50USD or the equivalent in BTC or ETH. This offer is also valid for existing members who want to gain more by staking their coins. We also provide payment solutions for other cryptocurrencies for our user convenience. Remember, this offer is available for a limited period so purchase your Coins as soon as possible to get the advantage of 100% Bonus deal.

However, we have dropped down our staking limit to $10 which means users can test our staking program by investing a small amount in our stake. After all, our users are our great assets and we try doing the best for their convenience and benefits. 

Participate in our Staking Program 

Finally, you make your mind to participate in our staking program. Let’s start with it! If you are a newbie then first you have to get registered yourself in Aussie Digital official website. After that, you need to activate the 2FA verification process through your mobile phone only. Email verification is not valid for the staking process so make sure that you have done the verification process via phone only. Once you get registered, you are eligible for staking and send your AUD coins to the staking wallet.

On the other hand, existing members can participate in the staking by login their dashboard and send their coins to the staking wallet. For our user’s convenience, we also provide them time choices to stake their coins i.e. 120 days, 150 days or 180 days. On the maturity of staked coins, users can claim for their stake or re-stake them again. If your stake more coins then you will get higher rewards for it.

This is all about our staking program through which you can fill your crypto wallet with more AUD Coins. Apart from this, we also offer a referral program through which users can receive more rewards by referring to other members of our community.   

Aussie Digital Referral Program 

With our referral program, the user can receive lucrative rewards by spreading the word about our staking program. A user will receive a 10% commission for referring the member who stakes their AUD coins. Next, 3% will be received when your referred member joins another member in the staking program and lasts 1% when their referred member joins another in the staking program. Ultimately it’s a chain which divided into 3 levels for a referral program. The commission will be directly transferred into your dashboard in the “Earned Tokens” field. This referral is valid for a lifetime as you will get paid each time when your referred member places a new stake.

So, it’s a rewarding chance to fill your crypto wallet by joining our Aussie Digital staking program and referral program. Get your affiliate by login on to our Aussie Digital website.

Aussie Digital Tradezy Ecommerce Platform 

Tradezy is an in-house e-commerce platform of the Aussie Digital ecosystem which is supported by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This e-commerce platform is designed to eliminate the key challenges of the e-commerce industry that restrict the small scale producers, manufacturers and retailers to bring their business in the online platform. The e-commerce is almost completed and its beta version is already live for the retailers to open their online stores. Once the platform will completely open, customers can purchase from the online stores available on the platform and also get huge discounts on using their AUD Coins.

If you want to get more information about us then read our whitepaper or explore our website.