How to Make Profit from Your Non-Moving Stock Using
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How to Make Profit from Your Non-Moving Stock Using


17 Dec 2019

How to Make Profit from Your Non-Moving Stock Using

One of the many problems you will face as an online retailer is an excess stock. This is the stock that you have in your warehouse in plenty because you probably bought too much of it and it is not moving fast enough. When you have this kind of stock it puts a strain on your cash flow. Why? Because it holds up money that you could have used to buy new stuff and continue your business at full capacity. It also takes up valuable storage space that you could have used to store new stuff or faster selling stock.


Most of the time, when faced with the challenge or problem of excess or non-moving stock, retailers usually do one of two things. Being a retailer, you probably know them. You will either wait for a painfully long time to sell your excess stock or decide to cut your losses and discount the stock very heavily. Both of these options will free up funds. But as a business person, you probably need your funds faster. So the only really viable option between the two is to cut your losses and discount stock heavily.


This is unless you are a big business, which means you can probably afford to wait for a long time. But if you are like most businesses out there, you cannot afford to have stock not moving. You need cash flow for survival. You need to be able to buy a new product that sells to keep cash flow moving.


And this is where comes in. The company can help you to make a profit from your non-moving stock.


“What is”


It is a new marketplace that you can take advantage of to regain lost profits. The biggest advantage of using the marketplace is that it enables you to avoid heavily discounting excess or non-moving stock.


With this marketplace, it means you need not worry about purchasing the wrong stock. Almost everyone does that from time to time. It is part of the retail business that no seller enjoys. But with the help of the marketplace, you can totally recover lost profits.




Well, here is an example.


Imagine you made the common mistake of buying a product that cannot move. Let’s say it takes you six months, a year, or longer to notice that the product does not move. In most cases, sellers would liquidate the stock by heavily discounting. Sadly sometimes you may end up selling a stock for less than what you paid for.


Well, there is no magical way of getting around the liquidation process. You have to sell the stock to free up some of your funds so that you can buy more stuff to sell.


Once you have the funds from the liquidation process, you can use them immediately, or you can stake them with the Staking Program. If you use the funds immediately, you will probably have gone at a loss because you will probably need to discount the non-moving products significantly to liquidate the non-moving stock.


But if you stake the funds with, you can earn back 10% of the amount you stake every 30 days. This means as a retailer, you do not have to sit on a stock that is not moving. You can liquidate anything not moving and stake the money with to get back any profits you may have lost during the liquidation.


It some cases, by staking your liquidation funds with the marketplace, you can sit earn even more profits instead of having to recoup a part of your expenses.


So if you are a retailer and non-moving stock is a challenge for you, do not sit on that stock. Free up your funds by liquidating the stock early and then stake it to recoup your profits or make even more money. The amount you will earn back in one month is 10%. In 120 days, it could be as much as 40%.


Don’t let non-moving stock slow you down. Do the necessary and liquidate that stock and then recoup your profits hassle-free with the marketplace.


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