Buy AUD Coins: Step by step guide to buy AUD tokens on Aussie Digital Platform.

How To Buy

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy on Aussie Digital

  • Register your new account on by entering your Email ID and a secure Password.
  • An Activation Code will be sent to your Email.
  • Your account will be verified within seconds, and you will be ready to make your first deposit.
  • Tip: We strongly recommend you to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator and/or SMS verification in our Account Security Setting.
  • Use our integrated coin payments interface on for instant deposits.

When you buy AUDcoin you not only get our AUDcoin token, you also get AUDE and AUDB in equal amounts. AUDE is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network and AUDB is a BEP-20 and runs on Binance Smart Chain, All 3 tokens can be staked at a rate of 10% every 30days or higher. Not bad hey!

Besides being able to earn 10% every 30 days, both AUDE and AUDB will be burned weekly through a voting system.
What does all that mean for you? Well, besides earning 10% staking interest every month, the total supply of AUDE and AUDB will decrease weekly making the remaining tokens potentially much more valuable.
So what are you waiting for? Gets some AUDcoins now and start staking!