Aussie Digital
Aussie Digital Airdrop
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Terms and Conditions Here are the terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled for earning free AUDcoins during Aussie Digital’s airdrop.

  • Be one of the first 40,000 users to sign up on Aussie Digital to get your batch of free coins. Also, while signing up there, you’ll have to register on Aussie Digital’s Telegram channel as well.

  • Don’t spam in Aussie Digital’s Telegram group. If you’re found spamming, you’ll be banned from participating in the scheduled airdrop. Also, on the Telegram channel, don’t promote any other project or its link. If you’re found doing that, you’ll forfeit your coins.

  • Once you successfully sign up on Aussie Digital and join the Telegram channel, you’ll receive your free coins in your Aussie Digital account. The coins will be visible on your personal dashboard under the tab “Referral Commissions”. Although, before claiming your free coins, you’ll have to show proof that you’ve joined Aussie Digital’s Telegram channel.

  • When the ICO ends, the free coins will be transferred from the “Referral Commissions” tab to the “Purchased Tokens” tab on the dashboard.

  • For earning more free AUDcoins, you’ll have to perform some simple tasks such as retweeting and following on Twitter and liking and sharing on Facebook. The details of the performed tasks will have to be put in the provided fields present on the dashboard.

  • Any questions related to the airdrop will be directed towards a new Telegram channel that Aussie Digital is launching soon. So, please, don’t ask airdrop-specific questions on Aussie Digital’s official Telegram channel.

  • Once you become part of the airdrop campaign, you can encourage new members to join the Telegram channel of Aussie Digital and the website. Once your referral joins the channel and signs up on the website, you’ll earn free referral coins. These coins will be 10% of the total airdrop value earned by the new member.

  • Anyone caught using multiple accounts for joining the official Telegram channel will be disqualified and they’ll forfeit their coins.