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FAQ Aussie Digital, the blockchain-powered ecosystem that’ll rewrite the future of e-commerce, will launch its AUDcoins through a crowdsale soon.

But before the crowdsale begins, Aussie Digital has announced its airdrop.

The airdrop’s cap is set at first 40,000 users who’ll sign up on Aussie Digital’s platform and join its official Telegram group. Once that’s done, the new members will receive AUDcoins worth $50 (USD). Free stuff!

So, here, we’ll answer almost all the possible questions that you might have in your mind related to Aussie Digital’s airdrop.

What’s an AUDcoin? And why should I have it in my wallet? AUDcoins is the cryptocurrency for the e-commerce world.

Once launched, this crypto coin will be used across Aussie Digital’s platform. Retailers can use AUDcoins for buying different services on the platform. Whereas, the shoppers can use this crypto money to buy stuff from Aussie Digital’s native e-store.

And if you’re just a trader, you may keep AUDcoins in your staking wallet or any other ETH wallet. Just by holding these AUDcoins in your wallet, you’ll earn 7.5 per cent extra on the amount you invested. For more information on staking, visit the link below.

So, considering everything, holding AUDcoins is a superb deal.

How’ll Aussie Digital’s airdrop work? Participating in Aussie Digital’s airdrop is simple. You just need to be one of the first 40,000 users to sign up on Aussie Digital and join its Telegram group. After that’s done, you’ll receive your free AUDcoins worth $50.

Once you’re part of the platform and the group, you’ll have to do some really simple and quick social media tasks to earn more of these freebies. For example, you’ll have to promote Aussie Digital on Facebook, Twitter, and the like for earning more free AUDcoins.

But all the promotional tasks will happen only when you’re part of Aussie Digital’s platform and its Telegram group. Not before that.

How will I know whether I’m registered for the airdrop or not? Once you sign up on Aussie Digital, you’ll get your private dashboard. On the dashboard, you’ll see your free received coins and other stuff related to the airdrop. So, basically, once you’ve successfully signed up on Aussie Digital and once you’ve joined the official Telegram group, you’re part of the airdrop campaign.

When will I get my free AUDcoins? The deal is simple. You join the platform and the Telegram group. You promote Aussie Digital across different social media channels. And for all your hard work, you’ll get free AUDcoins on your dashboard.

Now, before the crowdsale starts, your earned coins will be shown under the “Referral Commissions” tab on the dashboard. You’ll get those free coins once the crowdsale ends. And once the crowdsale finishes, your free coins will be transferred to the dashboard’s “Purchased Tokens” tab.

When will the airdrop registration close? When Aussie Digital’s platform membership base reaches 40,000.

How will I join Aussie Digital’s official Telegram group? If you’re already on Telegram, you’ll just have to click the link below and hit on the “Join” tab.

If, however, you’re new to Telegram, then download the app, become a member, and then click on the link above for joining the group.

How will I like Aussie Digital’s Facebook page? If you’re on Facebook, you’ll find Aussie Digital’s page by clicking on the link below. Once the link opens, you have to hit on the “Like” button. If, however, you don’t have your Facebook account, then create one first. And once that’s done, click on the link above to “Like” the page.

How will I follow Aussie Digital’s Twitter profile? Click on the link below to follow Aussie Digital’s account on Twitter. If, however, you’re not having a Twitter account, you’ll have to make one first. After doing that, you can click on the link above and hit on the “Follow” button. Do I need to stay as a member of Aussie Digital’s Telegram group? Yes, you’ll have to be a member of Aussie Digital. If you join the group and then unjoin it, you’ll be denied your free coins.

Will I get constant notifications? Yes, you’ll get constant notifications about the tasks you’ll have to do to earn your free AUDcoins. These notifications will be sent by Aussie Digital to the email address you’ve used for registering on the platform.<

Can I refer someone to the airdrop campaign? And will I earn if my referral joins Aussie Digital? Yes, there’s a referral programme in Aussie Digital’s airdrop campaign. And once your referral joins the ecosystem, you’ll earn referral coins. The value of these referral coins will be 10 per cent of the total coins earned by your referral.

You’ll use a referral link for prompting Aussie Digital’s airdrop campaign.

Will I get a referral link? Yes, you’ll get a referral link that you can use for promoting the airdrop campaign. The link will be available on your dashboard.

That’s it for now. In case you’ve got a few more questions in your head, then visit Aussie Digital’s terms and conditions page.